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Welcome to The Working Presa Canario Photo Gallery. Feel free to send us photos of your dogs to be added to our growing collection. You will also find links to some informative sites.

Brief Information:
The Presa Canario is a molosser dog of medium size, well balanced, of straight profile, with a black mask. Rustic and well proportioned. It is mesomorphic; the body is longer than the height to the withers.  Females accentuate this characteristic being slightly longer.
Their appearance is calm. Attentive gaze. Especially equipped for the function of guarding and traditionally used for the handling and driving of cattle. Their temperament is balanced and of great self-security.  Serious and profound bark. He is gentle and noble with his family, with great affection to his owner, and suspicious with strangers. Expression is confident, noble and a little distant. When alert his attitude is very firm and the gaze watchful.




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